In addition to RISEN From The Thread, a creative firm that focuses on the intersection of technology, material science, and the human body, its CEO and Founder Andrea Lauer is a costume/set designer, founding member of the PDA collective and most recently, launched a couture workwear clothing line.

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Risen division

RISEN DIVISION is dedicated to continuing the art and future of the jumpsuit for the today’s woman.



Andrea lauer design

Andrea Lauer is a costume/set designer and fashion stylist.  Recent credits include Richard The II at The Old Globe, Lovely Rita, a multi- media event in celebration of the Beatles 50th release of Sgt. Peppers, and A Chorus Line at the MUNY. Her work has been seen on Broadway (American Idiot, Bring it On), around the country and internationally.

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Public displays of affection (PDA)

"Public Displays of Affection (PDA) is a collective of artists, designers, educators and organizers that engages in nonviolent direct art action. Our actions start with hope and aim to build communities that thrive on intersecting relationships. To resist misogyny, sexism and exclusion, we practice rematriation and believe in interconnectivity as essential to honoring the earth and all living beings"