An interactive installation in the basement of the Times Square’s Paramount Hotel in Manhattan.  Part of the current immersive theatre experience, Queen of the Night was inspired by the magic flute, incorporating characters, myth, food and fantasy.

I was asked by the director Christine Jones, to create a one-to-one interactive based event, designing the room and its entire contents, including sound, in collaboration with the engineering of Andy Cavatorta, for a visual, tactile, and intimate experience.

From Ideation to Execution

Mood board for QOTN proposing interactive gloves that connect performer and guest by reading their own heartbeats

Room maquette of the materials and mood to create what will become  the Monosis "Membrane Room". 

Photo of maquette to show light quality, wire nervous system and a sample of the knives plunged into the wall. 

Glove prototype testing materials, sensors and overall design.