Custom designed LED Suits for a commercial client which required fully programmable NeoPixels LED’S that were reliable and flexible that integrated seamlessly into the costumes for an extremely physical performance.

From Ideation to Execution

Initial concept sketches. The LEDs position accentuate the form of the human anatomy.

LED diffusion exploration: combination of horsehair tubbing, fabrics and lenticular PVC.

Hacking bycicle helmets and exploring materials to diffuse and to protect the face from heat emission.

The total length of LEDs was established to optimize the battery consumption throughout the entire performance.

The animation and programming of the LEDs was done to complement the animated visuals in the performance through waves, sines, fades and pulsing, all to complete the creative language of the brand.

The final assembly was handcrafted using elastic threads and flexible stitching techniques to establish a symbiotic relationship between the body and the electronics.


Andrea Lauer (Design Lead and Fashion Technologist)
Jeannette Subero (Hardware and Soft Computation)
Katie Treidl (Fabrication)
Christopher Hynds (Design Assistant)
Annie Simon (Design Assistant)
Adiel Fernandez (Programmer and Hardware design)