RISEN From The Thread surfaced after years of working in theater, fashion, film and art as a costume/production designer. As new technologies began to emerge, the push to create a link between the digital world and the body became a new passion.  This led me on a new path create access to future technologies that felt discrete and personal that live on and around the body in symbiosos.

RISEN is a creative firm that focuses on the intersection of tech, materials and the human body experience with an acute understanding of organic architecture and the need for softness and elasticity. We provide design, ideation, invention, innovation, consulting and rapid prototyping services for luxury goods, sports, medical, entertainment and couture.


Some of our clients include:



Andrea Lauer

Founder & chief creative officer

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Andrea Lauer is an award winning costume designer, stylist and fashion designer. She also has technical expertise in sensors, electronics and material science, that she uses for wearable product design and experiential art installations. Her work, in a variety of mediums (theatre, fashion, music and art), blends technology in unique ways to create unexpected stories, products and experiences.

Goal: Provide new product concepts around fashion technology.






KATIE TREIDL. Creative Engineer/Artist and model. Brooklyn, NY


JEANNETTE SUBERO. A soft computation designer who specializes in wearable tech. Brooklyn, NY

JACKIE NEON. Artist and designer with a focus on music and audio installations. New York, NY

RISEN Bootcamp


WYATT MONIZ (Summer 2017). Brooklyn College Costume Design and Technical Theater. Brooklyn, NY

RYAN WILBAT (Fall 2016). NYU Costume Design Student. New York, NY

ASHLEY REN (Summer 2016). Parsons Fashion Student. New York, NY

SARAH LAWRENCE (Spring 2015). Textile artist, fashion designer, and stylist based in Brooklyn, NY

MARISSA MASCOLO (Summer 2015). Lonestar College student. TX

CHRIS HYNDS (Summer 2015). Costume designer based in New York, NY.