Bergdorf Goodman wanted to create an unforgettable event for their much anticipated christmas window unveiling. Known for their “extreme actions” the Elizabeth Streb Company was commissioned to inaugurate the event with a live performance. The repertoire of the STREB ( costumes that fit best were the red suits we created for the Olympics London 2012 Festival, but we added the essence of the holiday to match the storytelling of the season. With Elizabeth we decided that we wanted the dancers to unravel. From this idea, STREB Dancer Electric Ribbon Candy came forward to illuminate the performers by electrifying the body. 

From Ideation to Execution

Initial concept mood board: Streb as electric ribbon candy.

At Timberlake costume shop determining the design on the form, while considering the large harness rig and power packs to preserve full range of motion for the performer.

Mobility and safety test with Cassandra.

Final lineup inside the top floor of Bergdorf Goodman's before the descent to unveil the Christmas windows.

Bergdorf Goodman has never made an event out of its windows unveiling, but this year that all changed. The luxury department store took its turn at the extravaganza with its “Holidays on Ice” 2013 theme Tuesday night.
— New York Post