American Idiot, the Musical, took its first steps at The Berkeley Rep in 2009, to a year long Broadway run and is now touring Internationally to date. This project went well beyond the realms of traditional costume design, spawning various expressions of pop culture -- a look at how the lights of broadway can impact fashion, art, and retail. From the windows of 5th Avenue to the red carpet, American Idiot generated a cascade of inspiration for designers, retailers, and even tattoo artists.

From Ideation to Execution

Tear sheet I created in the beginning development if American Idiot as a way of representing  St. Jimmy as icon and how we might illustrate his death onstage. 

Billie Joe Armstrong on Broadway as St. jimmy with the symbol drawn in blood.

Symbol bleached onto black tee for Melissa Etheridge when she stepped into the role on Broadway.

The symbol also became a key part of the clothing design  that St. Jimmy and his followers wore.  Above is a custom jacket made for Melissa Etheridge.

Set designer Christine Jones and costume designer Andrea Lauer match eye-popping visuals with Green Day’s rocking music.

Beyond the Stage: Bloomingdales celebrates American Idiot

The success of American Idiot inspired a series of designs, including windows at Bloomingdales, Converse footwear...